Island Sweets & Eats

We are so much more than your average boba shop. We are bringing the most personal facet of ourselves; sharing with you a cultural experience inspired by our island roots, expressed through food.

01 - Welcome

Our mission is to create a place where we can take our little ones to bond with one another, and for them to reminisce years later. A place to gather and put all our differences aside and focus on the sweet things in life. A new place to build memories.

02 - Our Story

Why "Guava"?

Our owners are from the Philippines, Hawaii, and Central America. 
Guava is a native fruit in all three of these places, and is a symbol of the common thread between them. 
It’s the perfect representation of the unique and vibrant cultures that we hold near and dear to our heart, and have influenced our island inspired menu. 

More than just boba.

Savory or Sweet? Dairy Free? Gluten Free? Low Calorie? We’ve got something for everyone!

03 - Our Menu